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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Zombie Tuesday

Unfortunately, Victoria's life turned into a zombie this week and is currently chasing her and trying to eat her brains. Because she would like to keep said brains, she can't stop running long enough to write a story. 


I am working on my zombie story today, and we have a spectacular guest post from Carrie Harris for Thursday. But for entertainment (because we're ALL about the entertainment) we give you the following:

  • And finally, from one of the most genius movies I've ever seen, the trailer for SHAUN OF THE DEAD:



  1. Zombies scare me. There I said it. But I love Carrie's stories and yours have a way of bringing me into their fold until I can't believe what I'm reading!!! Thanks for the links....and I look forward to your zombie story. :]

  2. Oh, zombies scare the CRAP outta me. Carrie Ryan's stories trump Stephen King on my scare-o-meter.