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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Myra McEntire - Vampires


Ninety years of dust, dirt, cobwebs, and memories just as fragile. Ninety years of muffled footsteps and falling tears and keening. Ninety years of not feeling. The ache of loss has left me, flown away like a raven to the abyss.

The ground will reside under my feet again, rather than above my head. After ninety years, the time has come to walk.


Three days to dig my way free.

Three days to find they no longer fear me.

They seek me out.

Follow me into dark corners, chase me down alleyways, and race me up dim stairwells. Solely to beg for eternity.

Once the hunter, now the prey.

I never thought I’d long for the ground.


Two days pass. Out of necessity, I feed.

I miss the taste of the fear in the blood. I will not create another beast, nor will I enslave a blood heir. I leave half-empty bodies, veins flowing freely, the unanswered question a gurgling whisper from their mangled throats.

“Please, please make me like you?”

My denials bring me satisfaction, and though not as crisp as the terror, they nurture me in a way that fearless blood cannot.


Four more days. Finally, I find fear.

The woman is young, her skin porcelain. I choose her because I see the light blue veins in her neck. Her pulse jumps when she realizes I have taken her arm, that I am steering her into the unlit entryway of an abandoned building.

I rip away the first two buttons of her blouse. I expose my fangs, and her pulse slows. She pushes me away. Because I am still weak from the grave, and hungry, I stumble.

Her fear dissipates. The absence of what I’ve craved, now crave more than blood, angers me. I growl in fury.

She laughs.


One hour.

All it takes to bury her body.

Still alive.

With every drop of her own blood still flowing through her veins.


  1. *Swoon* I don't care what anybody says. Vampires will never get old.

  2. This is my first try with them. I ENJOYED IT. :P

  3. You know what I loved about this? You made the vampire scary. As he should be. Dangerous. Lethal. Monstrous.


  4. *loves you*


    I will make him stay a short story. I will make him stay a short story. I WILL MAKE HIM STAY A SHORT STORY ...

  5. Oh, but ... BUT ... maybe you should let him out to play. Later.

    You know...after Kaleb.


  6. He might just resemble another certain character who is not a vampire, but plays one on screen. And is a king in my head. The character traits and cruelty are the same. So yes, maybe in some incarnation.

  7. Lol! I started a vampire *short* too. I wrote the query letter for his novel the other day.Be sure to let us know when his book comes out. :)

  8. YAY Vampires! <3 <3 <3

  9. Tessa - I SO loved your post about the Salvatore brothers. I study Damon relentlessly, how is it that he is so evil yet so appealing? Good rule for any villain.

    Also, dude is hot.

    *is mature*

  10. I think it all comes down to motivation. Damon isn't evil - he's lost all touch with morality, but he still has a motive that drives him, and that motive is love.

    He's definitely the Bad Guy, but I don't think evil can love.

    Also, yes. HAWT.

  11. Oh what a sexy beast of a vamp...I LOVED it!!

  12. I think evil can love, specifically in a self-serving way. Although maybe desire is a better word than love. I also think that the space between Katherine and Elena is too murky for him to aptly differentiate.

    Are you on season two yet? Because YOU WILL LOVE IT.

  13. Very well done! I love this more for what you didn't write than for what you wrote! Bravo!

  14. Go Myra!! You can't leave me hanging like that. I need more.....

  15. You already know this, but "I miss the taste of the fear in the blood" is the BEST LINE EVER YOU WIN.

  16. Shawna - THANK YOU. I am trying to make my short stories SHORT. It is a task!

    Katie - Anytime, pumpkin.

  17. I LOVE this :) I totally agree with CJ--your vamp is scurrrry!

  18. Sara - Thank you! He scurrrrred me!

    Elisabeth - Thank you muchly!

  19. Yikes! that was a scary one- well done!!!

  20. Very Evil and Very Nice!
    I like his disgust about people chasing him and no longer fearing him!
    And I love the imagery this line evokes
    "The ache of loss has left me, flown away like a raven to the abyss."

    I'm looking forward to more stories!

  21. You are sooo bad. In the beeeessstttt way. Love you!

  22. OH HEY WHOA.

    That was fantastic.

    *bats eyes* mayihavesomeMORE?

  23. LOVE this! The ending is perfect. :)